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27 March 2014 @ 01:32 am
[sticky post] hi!  

I created this account almost two years ago with the purpose of joining or watching communities containing fictions and icon tutorials without a know-how to navigate/manipulate the platform properly. (Hence, I gave up from using it and became a silent reader.)

With the same purpose now, I'll be using this account to gain more access to easily read stories or doujins from various communities or users which may or may not require membership. :)

Female with curly locks. A Kage Bunshin.
An anime and manga lover and a KPOP fan.

Stuck in the semi-hiatus status in the k-fandom and even in anime as well for the past two years due to RL matters (school, graduation, board exam, and at present, finding a job). I have a general grasp on matters in the fandom by reading news or articles, watching varieties or dramas, listening to the albums of different groups to get by. It never ceases to amaze me how others balance RL and fandom really really well. I wished I could have done better with it but I'm happy how things are at present. It's fun catching up to the many things and buzz happening in the fandom (though at times, I feel a little lost). It definitely gives off a different thrill. :)

Fandom Life

Anime and Manga will always be the best work ever created. They make up most of my life (been watching since 1998 or even earlier) and I'll watch/read until my granddaughter/sons have their own child. Forever a Cardcaptor Sakura fangirl (I even dreamed of becoming like her, it's a definite case of chuunibyou syndrome). Dreams of becoming a cosplayer but I'd rather admire others donning those beautiful costumes and portraying the characters into action. SnK, Stein;s Gate, Free, KnB, KnT, Durarara!, Eden of the East (and more to list) are a definite must-watch!

Mainly in the Super Junior fandom since 2009. Leeteuk biased (my little duck) shipping him with Heenim. teukchul! (amusing thing is, when I first got in the fandom, I never imagined Leeteuk and Kangin to be a canon pairing/gets bricked. I'M SO SORRY). I mainly read KyuMin or YeWook fics, and some EunHae or KiHae as well.

Still new to the EXO fandom. Park Chanyeol biased while Krisho is the front runner of my shipping line followed by BaekYeol then KaiSoo, and lastly XiuHan. I'm enjoying reading fanfics from this fandom  and honestly, the only fandom classic fanfics I've read so far was Absolute Chanyeol and Be Human. Planning to read the other fandom classic fics sometime later and I am still catching up to read fic recs and new ones.(I admit, I am a slow reader) Update: 140409 Anterograde Tommorow


So basically, this is a reading journal to feed my spirit. Maybe, I'll post a few random things or leave a comment on fics (I'll try my hardest to not comment anonymously). I'll enjoy myself around here. Thank you for reading!
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10 April 2014 @ 10:39 am

Geng hesitated for a moment to make that handshake but Siwon took his hand whole-heartedly with a really big smile plastered on his face and then the bro hug its just AASDJKFWIUBBXAKKDHW$@#%*&&(&(# QQ. Their smiles and everything, it's too blinding. IT HURTS and altogether I am HAPPY and my heart is CRYING. I'm CRYING ;____: because I remember their days, how everything used to be and despite everything that had happened back then, they're still bros like that. There are so many feeeeeeeeeeels for this. I just MISS Geng so much, with SJ with him, and their everything. I do hope to see this interaction again with the other SJ oppas ;_____;
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